Plone 6 Classic UI Theming

Plone 6 Classic UI Theming

Plone 6 Classic UI Theming#

Theming for Plone 6 Classic UI based on Bootstrap 5

Training Objective

This training will explain how to adjust the layout and design of a Plone site. It will cover basic customizations you can do TTW (Through-The-Web) in your Plone site, as well as advanced theming methods and tools to create stunning themes for your Plone website based on existing HTML templates.


All levels

You should be familiar with

  • Basic experience with Plone

  • Basic HTML, CSS and JS Knowledge

  • Basic npm knowledge

Things to bring

A linux based laptop (Ubuntu, macOS) with code editor of your choice (we recommend VS Code) and with Plone installed as described in training instructions. It is extremely important that you join the class with a working Plone installation. You need npm (package manager) to build your CSS/JavaScript.

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